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Best Mobile Engagement Strategies

October 26, 2016

You don't need a crystal ball to understand the role of user engagement: since mobile mediums have increasing importance in our everyday life, one of the key components in maintaining a successful business is to attract users through active Mobile Engagement Strategies.


Increasing mobile app user base means doing more than simply acquiring new customers and hoping they stick around - Mobile Engagement!



Consistent, engaged users are easier to sell to and harder to acquire.


A Bain study has demonstrated that a 5% hike in user retention can lead to increasing profitability by 75%. Encouraging users to come back to your mobile app and keep on engaging with your brand is the best way to combat the increasing cost of customer acquisition and achieve success in the long run.




A good customer engagement strategy will make it easier to:

  • Attract new visitors and prospects

  • Convert them into leads

  • Convert those leads into sales

  • Change customers into promoters

  • Communicate and connect with the users

  • Get feedback

  • Decrease churn and increase user retention

  • Make a feeling of belonging (to the brand)

  • Ultimately create repeat sales

The main idea behind user re-engagement is making each interaction with your app a habit for the user.




1. Push notifications


Push notifications during onboarding can be an effective approach to keep your users on track. Short, helpful reminders can keep your app at the top of user's mind. You can use push notifications to prompt your users to start or complete your onboarding campaign, or for extra incentives once onboarding is done.


2. Segmentation


If you can make your users feel like an offer is custom made for them, and not the same thing every other person gets, they are more likely to engage.

You can build campaigns to reward frequent users for their high engagement and push special offers to attract less active users. You might be able to send three notifications per day to an active user but this can easily be an overkill to someone who only used your app when they downloaded it sometime ago.


3. Personalisation


Apart from Segmentation, personalising according to user attributes can make a huge impact in engagement. You can make use of any information you collect but a simple way to start is by including customer names in your messages. Another way is by taking into account your user's time zone, the time of day, you’re more likely to send messages when they are more likely to fully engage.


4. Use relevant images


The composition of your messages also makes a difference- a relevant image can increase conversions by a considerable margin.








User engagement rates during the first month after download is the deciding factor in the retention of your app.


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