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Revolutionary multi test diagnostics device

Converting thousands of collection centers to labs using a integrated, multi-test analyser

Piiko enabled labs make 3X more than collection centers

Lab entrepreneurs can now start their own labs instead of low value collection centers using a Piiko subscription. Piiko will execute more than 90% of all tests that a small diagnostics lab would use.

Multiple tests in a single analyser

5 part CBC, LFT, RFT, Lipid Profile, HbA1C, CRP - All in a single analyser

No reagent wastage, maximize 

No tanks of expensive reagents that expire; just buy kits for every test that you use and store the rest.

Easy subscription, no commitment

Pay as low as 5000INR to get a Piiko device and convert your collection center into a lab

No service, immediate device replacement

Get a replacement device if your device needs service. We keep your uptime high using cloud connected technology.

Distributed point of care diagnostics for every


USD Monthly Subscription


Tests to be supported


Panel test kits



Licenced for sale in India

ISO 13485:2016

We will show you what you'll make by switching

The average Piiko enabled lab makes over 3X profit compared to a collection center.

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